I WRITE is a kid-friendly word processor. Kids will find it easy and fun to use while learning how to write and even more useful during First Grade.
Its interface, as icons and menus, recalls the most common word processors. We chose the most important features of a word processor and organized them so that kids can easily use them, while keeping help, if needed, always at hand. In this way, kids feel wecomed to expore and be curious, and will quick be able to use I WRITE by themselves. Furthermore, I WRITE allows kids to get used to and learn in advance how word processors work.
Besides the classic features of a word processor software, I WRITE offers new and exciting ways to enhance a text, as the colorful and happy rainbow effect. And to make writing even more amusing, a full library of clipart and dingbats is included.
I WRITE also offers several beginnings of tales, organised by subject, so that kids can write their own stories. Finally a section is devoted to teching kids the basics of typewriting and the correct way to seat when writing.
I WRITE will be published by "Il Capitello" publishers.

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