Aladdin's Adventures in 3d.

The idea of producing this feature film rises from the good international results achieved by the TV series “Aladdin's Adventures” (26 x 13'),
vco-produced by Rai Fiction and Lastrego & Testa Multimedia.

The series is inspired by the collection of folktales “One thousand and one nights”, the most famous and known classic of Oriental literature.

Characters and backgrounds are based upon the rich graphic work of Emanuele Luzzati, one of the most important Italian artist.

The narration plans the first part to tell Aladdin's youth, the encounter with the wicked sorcerer Kufor and then with the lamp and the genie in it. Moreover, Aladdin gets his second magic item, the flying carpet.
Later on, the story develops in a freer way, always looking at “Arabian Nights” for cues.

The movie follows the developing of protagonist's personality, from being a rookie to adult and his love for Princess Budur.

To grow up, Aladdin has to face many obstacles, proving his valour and letting Harun, Budur's father, accept him as his daughter's groom.

The film is divided into “chapters”, matching the trials to overcome. Told in this way, the story, targeted to an all-ages audience, can be understood and appreciated by children too.

Aladdin's adventures unravel on the backgrounds of full-hot deserts, tempestuous seas, mysterious cities; in the most sunny days as under a pale moon, between sand storms and gentle morning breezes.

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