Each episode features Aladdin, a poor young man, in love with Princess Budur Caliph Harun's daughter, and their friend the genie. Their enemy is Kufor the Sorcerer who longs to possess Aladdin's Magic Lamp. Throughout the series Aladdin and Budur face various difficulties, but they manage to overcome them with their astuteness and love for each other.
The series offers an approach to Islamic culture for young audiences, highlighting its profound sense of respect for others, honesty and integrity.

Backgrounds and characters are based on the artwork of Emanuele Luzzati, one of the most famous contemporary Italian artists. Artist, illustrator and ceramisist, Luzzati has also worked as a costume and stage designer and,  together with Giulio Gianini, he created animated masterpieces such as The Magic Flute and Pulcinella.
The series was created using the latest computer techniques to mirror the traditional cut-out animation style of Luzzati and Gianini's works. The visuals are decidedly European in style, offering a valid alternative to commercial stereotyped animation.

Sherazade narrates the entire story, but Lorenzo Marini's original music score is also a co-protagonist, as it accompanies the animated sequences.

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