Amita of the Jungle

In this series Amita, the protagonist, is the modern element that connects that ancient knowledge to a contemporary moral based on sympathy, altruism and cooperation.

Amita lives in contact with nature, she loves to dance, to sing and she knows positions of yoga meditation. She has a good relationship with every animal. In return the big animals are always ready to help the little girl and to bring her on their back.

Amita has also as friend a child whose name is Giunk. He lives in a hidden nest up on the biggest and oldest tree of the jungle. He is strong and brave as Amita, but more reserved, so that he prefers to stay hidden. But he always appears in time of need.

The series is realized in digital cut out, but the characters are painted by hand using the watercolour technique, to obtain a soft result, which is closer to traditional illustration.

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