In each episode we see her alone at home with Ciccio surrounded by books, because she loves reading. She also loves to dream, especially to day-dream. In her dreams she meets Tommasone the dragon, and in his magical wood they have all sorts of adventures together.

Tommasone the dragon is shy, gentle and ingenuous. He lives in the wood in harmony with his surrounding environment. He is generous, altruistic and he never hesitates to help his friends.
Ciccio is Giovanna's loveable little dog, adventurous, instinctive and always ready to show his feelings.

Giovanna and her world came to life in the 1974 book "Giovanna as a cartoon strip" (Einaudi). The TV series is based on the characters that have featured for thirty years in children's books, cartoon-strips and CD-ROMs written and illustrated by Cristina Làstrego and Francesco Testa, and translated in 14 languages.

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Fact Sheet:

Name: Giovanna's Dreams
Format: 52 X 6' 30''
Produced by: Rai-Fiction and Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Realised by: Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Broadcasting Rights: Rai Trade
Licensing Rights and DVD Rights: Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Target: 3 to 7 years old
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan and Slovenian

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