Turin, 18th of January 2013. After few weeks since its launch on the App Store, IdentiKat has already be noticed by the critics and has been awarded “Editor's choice 2013” by the USA magazine Children's Technology Review.

IdentiKat provides a beautiful, immersive experience where imaginary cats come to life from bits and pieces of cloth, paper, cables and various electronic gear – such as vintage optical discs, processors and cables. Kids can play KatCut, a puzzle game where they recreate the colorful cats that were artfully assembled by hand by Cristina Làstrego – or they can make their own in KatLab, where children can freely experiment and engage in a digital collage experience.

IdentiKat is the first iPad game from Cristina Làstrego and Francesco Testa, who have authored several books and cartoons for children, as well as various television series produced by RAI, Italy’s national broadcaster. They are currently working at an international coproduction between CCTV (national Chinese TV) and RAI. Always keen on technology innovation and on the relation between children and mass communication, Làstrego and Testa wrote the book “How to use TV” (Einaudi) and they are among those who introduced the media education in Italy.
IdentiKat is developed by Ovolab, an Italian software development company with 5 years of iPhone development experience that has crafted numerous best-selling titles on the App Store.

"For those like us, who come from a past of publishing and TV series,” says Cristina Làstrego, “the iPad environment is a fascinating and magic new world. An exciting and revolutionary invention, akin to the Gutenberg one, paving the way for immersive interactive communication, an evolution of language and a direct channel of dialog between artists and their audience.”

After two weeks since its launch on the App Store, the Italian app IdentiKat, developed by Làstrego & Testa Multimedia and Ovolab, has been awarded “Editor's choice 2013” by the Children's Technology Review, the online point of reference for new technologies applied to kid's entertainment. The award is “given to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category. These are “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time”.

Several reviews have already referred to IdentiKat in the online network.

The website - Best Apps for Young Brains has given IdentiKat the very high rating of 92/100, dedicating to the app a lot of attention and a video made on purpose, naming it “Editor's favorite”,  excellent for concentration and attention, creativity, music and art.

The website and the online news community Mashable named the app among the Top Five of the week, the latter giving a rating of 8/10 for user friendlyness and 9/10 both for educational value and entertainment. IdentiKat also drew the attention of cat lovers, gaining the “Bastet Prize” from the Italian Academy of Magic Cats.

The Italian website about Apple's products Macitynet shows its appreciation to IdentiKat saying the game is "thought not only for kids but also to allow parents to play with them, within an atmosphere which recreates the sensation of opening grandma's secret drawer". The French “guide for best apps for kids” La Souris Grise classifies Identikat in the “genial” apps, considering it a “superb and original creativity application, which encourages kids to share the game in a group”.

Besides, PadGadget maintains that “IdentiKat’s attention to detail and strong design aesthetic set it apart from the typical kids’ game”. The Spanish Aplicaciones Guru states “possibilities of entertainment are at their best with Identikat, interactivity will keep children playing for a long time”.

IdentiKat is available on the App Store at this link for iPad, price 0,99$.

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