Lastrego & Testa Multimedia is an independent studio based in Turin, Italy, providing educational and entertaining material for children, families and teachers: animation series, books and activity labs to stimulate creativity and underline strong values such as friendship, family and teamwork.
We work as artists and artisans do, always exploring new ways to tell a tale. We all share an optimistic point of view and believe kids are the most demanding yet rewarding audience and deserve the highest quality possible.
Francesco Testa, director, and Cristina Làstrego, art director, are co-founders of Làstrego & Testa Multimedia. In 40 years of co-operation they wrote and illustrated more than 160 books, mainly for children but also for parents and teachers on visual communication.

Through the years the studio has produced a lot of pedagogical and creative content, distributing it through channels always up to date, from traditional publishing to TV.
Since 1973 they have worked together to create new characters, discovered each time by new generations of readers.
Over the years their books have been adapted for theatre and TV, receiving many awards. When CD-ROM’s came on to the market, Lastrego & Testa produced 11 educational titles.

In 2002 they began creating cartoons based on their own characters: an old mill just outside Turin, Italy, was converted into an animation studio.
L&T started producing several animated series, mainly in coproduction with RAI, such as Giovanna's Dreams (52 episodes), Aladdin's adventures (26 episodes), The Advent Days (25 episodes), Amita of the Jungle (52 episodes). Other productions include the short "The Genesis" and several books published by Gallucci Editore.
Many other projects are currently under development in the studio, such as The Circus (52 short fillers).
Thanks to its innovative character, the studio Làstrego & Testa has recently decided to enter the app environment, producing creative edutainment applications for iOS platforms in collaboration with the software development company Ovolab. Their first work, IdentiKat, is a creative game for children that provides a beautiful, immersive experience where imaginary cats come to life from pieces of cloth, colored buttons, old brooches, precious fabrics... The work has been  awarded “Editor's choice 2013” by the USA magazine Children's Technology Review.

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