The Circus 52x1'30” - no dialogue - work in progress

Colorful objects and textiles make up the fantastic characters of an imaginary Circus, which will charm the audience with its amazing materials and colors.
Series of short animations for children, recommended for an audience of all ages.

A delightful miniseries based on Cristina Làstrego's evocative graphics on the Circus, brought to life in cartoon form, using a decoupage digital technique. The prevailing atmosphere of the series is light, happy, and rich with musical inventiveness, even though there are no actual dialogues.

Circus acts are portrayed with a quick vibrant rhythm, with a strong visual
characterisation. An open invitation to enter the wonderful world of the circus in all its magical splendour. Clowns, jugglers, acrobats, animals are represented in an almost abstract form using everyday materials, stimulating imagination.

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