The Creation

A digital animation in cut paper about the oldest subject in the world carried out starting from the illustrations by Cristina Lastrego for the book of the same name written by Carlo Fruttero.The music is by Lorenzo Marini. Book and animation in the form of DVD have been published by Gallucci.

Cristina Lastrego interprets new and free the story of Creation and transforms it into a film full of inventions. Her collages come to life in a succession of moments that depart from the initial chaos until you come to our Earth populated by men.The animation uses the technique of paper cut-outs, updated with the use of modern tools. As usual, the studio work was carried out in full participation with Francesco Testa who directed the animators, including mainly Khanide Simona and Andrea Salotto.Particularly important in relation to the result the original music composed and performed by Lorenzo Marini


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