The Gyroscopic Space Climbing

Once Wilko told me about a sport that he loved to practice in the outer space, the weird name he gave to that sport could be translated in "Gyroscopic spatial climbing".
- See, once understood that it's possible to convert work in push without leaning on anything and without throwing material away, the use are many...

I have two  battery powered gyroscopes connected by a cable: I turn on the one in my pocket then I throw the other as far as I can.
After that, I switch off making it stop the one in my pocket, and turn the other on using a remote control.

When that turns turnelly well and the first has stopped in a steady way, I grab the cable and I move like the climber that goes up hanging on a rope fasten to a steady nail. -
While Wilko was telling me about his favorite sport, he moved his long ears and he seemed to be amazed by the human beings naivety.

To better understand the strange story of wilko you should read the full text of "Wilko space engine puzzle".

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