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Advent Days - app for iPad and iPhone

“The Advent Days” is an app for kids available on iPad and iPhone, created by Làstrego & Testa Multimedia together with RCS-Corriere della Sera and RAI Eri.
It is an app to enjoy the advent days, approaching Christmas with the beautiful sketches drawn by the famous Italian illustrator Emanuele Luzzati.

By touching the images, you can open the doors and windows of the houses in Bethlehem. An animation will follow and a new character will be available to be put in the preferred position within a nativity scene enriching it everyday.

In this app you will find:
a village-calendar,
25 animated shorts “The Advent Days” produced by Làstrego&Testa Multimedia for RAI, from the sketches of Emanuele Luzzati for “Turin's Nativity Scene”,
an empty scenario to be filled with characters.
It doesn't matter which day you start: at any point you can open all the doors, watch the videos and unlock all characters.

Click here to buy the book + dvd "Calendario dell'avvento" by Gallucci Editore.

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