Aladdin's Adventures

"Aladdin's Adventures" is a television series inspired by the famous collection of traditional Oriental folktales "One thousand and one nights", also known as "Arabian nights".

The opening sequence introduces Sherazade, a poor slave who the Sultan has decided to condemn to death. But Sherazade knows what to do: she will tell a tale, if the story is intriguing enough, the cruel Sultan may spare her life for one more night. Gently lulled by her song, we leave the world of Sherazade and enter into the imaginary land of her tale

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Fact Sheet

Name: Aladdin's Adventures
Format: 26 X 13'
Produced by: Rai Fiction - Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Realised by: Lastrego & Testa Multimedia
Target: 6-11 years old
Broadcasting Rights : RaiTrade
Licensing and DVD Rights: Lastrego & Testa Multimedia

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